• Image of Crossfire Collision - Panic Face [2013] CD

Our 11-track debut full length album!

Recorded and mixed at D.D.M. Studios in Cape Town, South Africa.
Mastered at Blasting Room Studios, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

1.Inebrianthem 03:08
2.Derek Watts Invented The Lightbulb 02:37
3.Horizons 03:39
4.In The Days 04:07
5.Fighting a Shadow 03:24
6.Gridding From Ear to Ear 00:37
7.Panic Face 03:11
8.Caught In The Crossfire 02:28
9.Heyo 03:03
10.The Collapse 04:14
11.Broken Walls (Acoustic) 03:32

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International shipping takes 7-10 working days to arrive.

Also available digitally on all streaming services.